Sunday, March 6, 2016

Episode 1: Marie Curie

In our first episode, we discuss Marie Curie and her research, as well as some more recent scientific discoveries.

Should you listen to this episode of Science Brunch or do you already know all of the things? Take this quiz to find out.

  1. Marie Curie was born in

  2. France

  3. During her time at university, she received financial support from

  4. Her mother and father
    Her sister
    Her husband
    Her fairy godmother
    No one

  5. The Craigslist ad for the Curies’ joint workspace would have read:

  6. A palace fit for a Nobel Laureate
    Luxurious loft for laboratory lovers
    Cozy stand-alone studio with lots of outdoor space
    5th-floor walkup with roof access and stunning views
    Country mansion, just a train-ride away from Paris

  7. Paris newspapers wrote about Marie Curie’s

  8. Fashionable clothing
    Constant partying
    Affair with a married man
    Discovery of plutonium
    All of the above

  9. The gravitational waves that the scientific instrument LIGO detected in Sep. 2015 were caused by:

  10. The explosion of our sun
    The Planet Formerly Known as Pluto
    The Planet Currently Known as Planet Nine
    The merging of two black holes
    A political rally for Donald Drumpf


  1. I especially liked all of the cringing about the Curies obliviously working with radioactive materials.

  2. Haha but srsly, it's rare to see butterflies these days.

  3. Marie Curie's life= Physics+Mathematics=Chemistry
    God I love her. I could be her, but I failed algebra for like thrice. Haha how could some people be so good in math.
    Thanks for posting btw!